Wivenhoe tennis club


We are one of the first tennis clubs in the area to make provision for Pickleball, a racquet sport which is rapidly growing in popularity. There is a very active group of pickleball players in our club: we have a number of club sessions, some dedicated to pickleball and others shared with tennis — some members bring along both pickleball paddles and tennis racquets to the shared sessions.

Pickleball has many similarities to tennis in terms of ball skills but is played on a smaller court, about the same size as a Badminton one, and uses a very different scoring system from tennis. More details are available from Pickleball England and the Wikipedia. Jamie, our club tennis coach, is also a qualified pickleball instructor and runs group sessions as as well as individual lessons. If you play tennis and would like to have a go at playing pickle, we have a number of paddles available during our club sessions.

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