Wivenhoe tennis club

Winter League 2023–24

This year's Winter League was completed on time, despite having the wettest October and the wettest February on record! Well done to everyone who played: you showed great forbearance in the face of atrocious weather at times!

Spring Lane took all the titles on offer this year. Spring Lane A won the men's league, though Spring Lane C were only two sets behind. Spring Lane B came third, a few more sets behind.

In the Ladies' league, Spring Lane A won fairly convincingly, with Dedham A coming second.

In the Mixed league, Spring Lane B were run-away winners but there was a tie for second place between Spring Lane A and Kirby Red. In fact, this was a pretty hotly-contested league and it was not clear who was going to come second until the last couple of matches.

With the matches now over, Wivenhoe's floodlights are being replaced with new LED ones, so next year's Winter League matches should be bathed in beautiful not-quite-sunlight. Let us all hope that the weather will be better!

Men Competition
team played for against
Spring Lane A 9 58 14
Spring Lane C 9 56 16
Spring Lane B 9 50 22
Lexden Hill A 9 43 29
Kirby Red 9 39 33
West Mersea 9 35 37
Lexden Hill B 9 33 39
Officers' Club 9 27 45
Wivenhoe 9 16 56
Kirby Blue 9 3 69

Ladies Competition
team played for against
Spring Lane A 4 28 4
Dedham A 4 21 11
Kirby 4 18 14
Dedham B 4 10 22
Spring Lane B 4 3 29

Mixed Competition
team played for against
Spring Lane B 7 49 7
Kirby Red 7 36 20
Spring Lane A 7 36 20
Kirby Blue 7 30 26
Dedham 7 28 28
Lexden Hill 7 23 33
Officers' Club 7 20 36
Wivenhoe 7 2 54

Date League Venue Home Away Score
Wed 04-Oct-2023mixed@KirbyDedhamKirby Blue5-3
Wed 04-Oct-2023mixed@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubSpring Lane A5-3
Fri 06-Oct-2023mixed@KirbyKirby RedWivenhoe7-1
Fri 06-Oct-2023mixed@WivenhoeLexden HillSpring Lane B1-7
Mon 09-Oct-2023men@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubSpring Lane A1-7
Wed 11-Oct-2023men@KirbyKirby BlueWest Mersea0-8
Mon 16-Oct-2023ladies@WivenhoeDedham BSpring Lane B5-3
Mon 23-Oct-2023men@WivenhoeSpring Lane ASpring Lane B7-1
Wed 25-Oct-2023men@WivenhoeLexden Hill AWivenhoe8-0
Fri 27-Oct-2023men@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubSpring Lane C3-5
Mon 30-Oct-2023ladies@WivenhoeSpring Lane ASpring Lane B8-0
Wed 01-Nov-2023men@KirbyKirby RedWivenhoe8-0
Wed 01-Nov-2023men@WivenhoeLexden Hill ASpring Lane C0-8
Mon 06-Nov-2023ladies@WivenhoeDedham ASpring Lane B8-0
Wed 08-Nov-2023mixed@WivenhoeSpring Lane BWivenhoe8-0
Fri 10-Nov-2023mixed@KirbyKirby RedOfficers' Club6-2
Mon 13-Nov-2023men@WivenhoeSpring Lane BSpring Lane C1-7
Wed 15-Nov-2023men@KirbyKirby RedLexden Hill A5-3
Wed 15-Nov-2023men@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubWivenhoe7-1
Fri 17-Nov-2023ladies@KirbyKirbySpring Lane A2-6
Fri 17-Nov-2023men@WivenhoeSpring Lane AWest Mersea6-2
Mon 20-Nov-2023mixed@WivenhoeDedhamLexden Hill5-3
Wed 22-Nov-2023mixed@KirbyKirby RedKirby Blue7-1
Wed 22-Nov-2023mixed@WivenhoeSpring Lane AWivenhoe7-1
Fri 24-Nov-2023mixed@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubSpring Lane B0-8
Mon 27-Nov-2023men@WivenhoeSpring Lane CWest Mersea3-5
Wed 29-Nov-2023men@KirbyKirby RedOfficers' Club5-3
Wed 29-Nov-2023men@WivenhoeSpring Lane BWivenhoe8-0
Fri 01-Dec-2023men@KirbyKirby BlueLexden Hill B0-8
Wed 06-Dec-2023men@KirbyKirby RedSpring Lane B3-5
Wed 06-Dec-2023men@WivenhoeWest MerseaWivenhoe4-4
Fri 08-Dec-2023men@KirbyKirby BlueSpring Lane A0-8
Fri 08-Dec-2023men@WivenhoeLexden Hill AOfficers' Club8-0
Mon 11-Dec-2023ladies@WivenhoeDedham BSpring Lane A1-7
Wed 13-Dec-2023men@WivenhoeLexden Hill BSpring Lane B2-6
Fri 15-Dec-2023mixed@KirbyKirby RedSpring Lane B3-5
Fri 15-Dec-2023mixed@WivenhoeDedhamWivenhoe8-0
Mon 18-Dec-2023mixed@WivenhoeLexden HillOfficers' Club7-1
Fri 05-Jan-2024mixed@KirbyKirby BlueSpring Lane A1-7
Mon 08-Jan-2024ladies@WivenhoeDedham ADedham B8-0
Wed 10-Jan-2024mixed@KirbyDedhamKirby Red6-2
Wed 10-Jan-2024mixed@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubWivenhoe8-0
Fri 12-Jan-2024mixed@KirbyKirby BlueSpring Lane B1-7
Fri 12-Jan-2024mixed@WivenhoeLexden HillSpring Lane A0-8
Mon 15-Jan-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill BSpring Lane A2-6
Wed 17-Jan-2024men@KirbyKirby BlueSpring Lane C0-8
Fri 19-Jan-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill ASpring Lane B0-8
Wed 24-Jan-2024mixed@KirbyKirby RedSpring Lane A7-1
Wed 24-Jan-2024mixed@WivenhoeLexden HillWivenhoe8-0
Fri 26-Jan-2024mixed@KirbyKirby BlueOfficers' Club8-0
Fri 26-Jan-2024mixed@WivenhoeDedhamSpring Lane B0-8
Mon 29-Jan-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill AWest Mersea6-2
Wed 31-Jan-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill BSpring Lane C0-8
Fri 02-Feb-2024men@KirbyKirby BlueWivenhoe1-7
Fri 02-Feb-2024men@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubSpring Lane B1-7
Mon 05-Feb-2024ladies@WivenhoeDedham ASpring Lane A1-7
Wed 07-Feb-2024mixed@KirbyKirby RedLexden Hill4-4
Wed 07-Feb-2024mixed@WivenhoeSpring Lane ASpring Lane B2-6
Fri 09-Feb-2024mixed@KirbyKirby BlueWivenhoe8-0
Fri 09-Feb-2024mixed@WivenhoeDedhamOfficers' Club4-4
Wed 14-Feb-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill BWivenhoe5-3
Fri 16-Feb-2024men@KirbyKirby RedKirby Blue8-0
Mon 19-Feb-2024men@WivenhoeSpring Lane ASpring Lane C6-2
Wed 21-Feb-2024ladies@KirbyDedham BKirby4-4
Wed 21-Feb-2024men@WivenhoeKirby RedWest Mersea2-6
Fri 23-Feb-2024mixed@KirbyKirby BlueLexden Hill8-0
Fri 23-Feb-2024mixed@WivenhoeDedhamSpring Lane A0-8
Wed 28-Feb-2024men@KirbyKirby BlueLexden Hill A0-8
Wed 28-Feb-2024men@WivenhoeSpring Lane AWivenhoe7-1
Fri 01-Mar-2024men@KirbyKirby RedLexden Hill B4-4
Fri 01-Mar-2024men@WivenhoeSpring Lane BWest Mersea6-2
Sat 02-Mar-2024ladies@KirbyKirbySpring Lane B8-0
Mon 04-Mar-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill ALexden Hill B8-0
Wed 06-Mar-2024men@KirbyKirby BlueOfficers' Club2-6
Wed 06-Mar-2024men@WivenhoeSpring Lane CWivenhoe8-0
Fri 08-Mar-2024men@KirbyKirby RedSpring Lane A3-5
Mon 11-Mar-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill BWest Mersea5-3
Fri 15-Mar-2024ladies@KirbyDedham AKirby4-4
Mon 18-Mar-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill BOfficers' Club7-1
Wed 20-Mar-2024men@KirbyKirby BlueSpring Lane B0-8
Fri 22-Mar-2024men@KirbyKirby RedSpring Lane C1-7
Fri 22-Mar-2024men@WivenhoeLexden Hill ASpring Lane A2-6
Wed 27-Mar-2024men@WivenhoeOfficers' ClubWest Mersea5-3


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