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Winter League 2020–21

For many years, some of the tennis clubs in and around Colchester have competed in the Winter League, organised by Wivenhoe Tennis Club with matches held on their courts and those of Kirby Tennis Club. During the heady days in the summer of 2020, when it seemed as though COVID was starting to recede, it was decided that the winter league should go ahead as usual, starting in September and finishing in March. Little did anyone know!

Things started well enough in September — but the long, hot summer of 2020 gave way to a dark, wet autumn and quite a few of the matches had to be re-arranged. Then came the resurgence of COVID and the November lockdown, so no matches for a month. Matches resumed in December but many of them were also rained off. Then came the lockdown from January to the end of March 2021, so no matches then either.

As it became clear that tennis would be able to resume from April, the clubs involved all agreed to finish the league — and so they have, with the last match taking place in blazing sunshine at the end of May, only two months late!

Spring Lane's men's team won their league by a substantial margin, accumulating almost twice as many games as the second team, Kirby. In the women's competition, Kirby's team were also fairly convincing winners, with Spring Lane's B team coming second. The mixed league was much closer: Spring Lane's A team pipped Kirby's A team by only 5 games over the 7 matches. Congratulations to the winners — but well done to everyone who competed for their steely determination to finish the league, whatever the weather and pandemic threw at them!

Men Competition
team played for against
Spring Lane 6 40 8
Kirby 6 22 26
Lexden Hill 6 19 29
Wivenhoe 6 15 33

Ladies Competition
team played for against
Kirby A 8 45 19
Spring Lane B 8 37 27
Kirby B 8 29 35
Spring Lane A 8 26 38
Wivenhoe 8 23 41

Mixed Competition
team played for against
Spring Lane A 7 43 12.5
Kirby A 7 38 18
Lexden Hill 7 33 22.5
Wivenhoe B 7 31 25
Spring Lane B 7 30 26
Wivenhoe A 7 25 31
Kirby B 7 19 37
Wivenhoe C (B'sea) 7 4 52

Date League Venue Home Away Score
Mon 21-Sep-2020mixedKirbyKirby ALexden Hill3-5
Mon 21-Sep-2020mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe ASpring Lane B3-5
Mon 28-Sep-2020menKirbyKirbyLexden Hill3-5
Mon 28-Sep-2020menWivenhoeWivenhoeSpring Lane3-5
Mon 05-Oct-2020mixedKirbyKirby BSpring Lane A0-8
Mon 05-Oct-2020mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe BLexden Hill1-7
Wed 07-Oct-2020ladiesWivenhoeSpring Lane ASpring Lane B3-5
Fri 09-Oct-2020ladiesKirbyKirby AKirby B8-0
Wed 14-Oct-2020mixedWivenhoeSpring Lane ASpring Lane B6-2
Mon 19-Oct-2020mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe AWivenhoe B2-6
Mon 26-Oct-2020ladiesWivenhoeWivenhoeSpring Lane A7-1
Mon 26-Oct-2020mixedKirbyKirby AWivenhoe C (B'sea)8-0
Wed 28-Oct-2020mixedWivenhoeSpring Lane AKirby A6-2
Mon 02-Nov-2020menKirbyKirbyWivenhoe8-0
Mon 02-Nov-2020menWivenhoeSpring LaneLexden Hill6-2
Wed 04-Nov-2020ladiesWivenhoeWivenhoeKirby A4-4
Mon 07-Dec-2020menKirbyKirbySpring Lane0-8
Wed 09-Dec-2020ladiesKirbyKirby BSpring Lane A2-6
Wed 09-Dec-2020menWivenhoeWivenhoeLexden Hill0-8
Fri 11-Dec-2020mixedKirbyKirby AWivenhoe B7-1
Fri 18-Dec-2020ladiesWivenhoeKirby AWivenhoe7-1
Wed 07-Apr-2021ladiesWivenhoeSpring Lane BKirby A3-5
Fri 09-Apr-2021mixedKirbyKirby AKirby B8-0
Fri 09-Apr-2021mixedWivenhoeLexden HillSpring Lane A2.5-5.5
Sat 10-Apr-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe AWivenhoe C (B'sea)8-0
Wed 14-Apr-2021ladiesWivenhoeSpring Lane BKirby B3-5
Fri 16-Apr-2021mixedKirbyKirby ASpring Lane B3-5
Fri 16-Apr-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe ALexden Hill4-4
Sat 17-Apr-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe C (B'sea)Spring Lane A0-8
Mon 19-Apr-2021ladiesKirbyKirby BKirby A2-6
Mon 19-Apr-2021menWivenhoeLexden HillSpring Lane0-8
Wed 21-Apr-2021ladiesWivenhoeSpring Lane AWivenhoe4-4
Fri 23-Apr-2021mixedKirbyKirby BWivenhoe C (B'sea)8-0
Fri 23-Apr-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe ASpring Lane A2-6
Mon 26-Apr-2021ladiesKirbyKirby BSpring Lane B4-4
Mon 26-Apr-2021menWivenhoeSpring LaneKirby8-0
Wed 28-Apr-2021ladiesWivenhoeSpring Lane BSpring Lane A4-4
Fri 30-Apr-2021mixedKirbyKirby BWivenhoe A3-5
Fri 30-Apr-2021mixedWivenhoeLexden HillSpring Lane B3-5
Sat 01-May-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe BWivenhoe C (B'sea)8-0
Wed 05-May-2021ladiesKirbyKirby BWivenhoe5-3
Wed 05-May-2021menWivenhoeSpring LaneWivenhoe5-3
Fri 07-May-2021mixedKirbyKirby BSpring Lane B3-5
Fri 07-May-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe C (B'sea)Lexden Hill0-8
Sat 08-May-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe BSpring Lane A4-4
Mon 10-May-2021ladiesKirbyKirby ASpring Lane A8-0
Mon 10-May-2021menWivenhoeLexden HillKirby1-7
Wed 12-May-2021ladiesWivenhoeWivenhoeSpring Lane B0-8
Fri 14-May-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe BKirby B7-1
Sat 15-May-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe C (B'sea)Spring Lane B4-4
Mon 17-May-2021ladiesKirbySpring Lane AKirby A4-4
Mon 17-May-2021menWivenhoeWivenhoeKirby4-4
Wed 19-May-2021ladiesWivenhoeWivenhoeKirby B1-7
Fri 21-May-2021mixedKirbyKirby BLexden Hill4-4
Fri 21-May-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe BSpring Lane B4-4
Mon 24-May-2021ladiesKirbyKirby ASpring Lane B3-5
Mon 24-May-2021menWivenhoeLexden HillWivenhoe3-5
Wed 26-May-2021ladiesWivenhoeSpring Lane AKirby B4-4
Fri 28-May-2021mixedWivenhoeWivenhoe AKirby A1-7
Sat 29-May-2021ladiesWivenhoeSpring Lane BWivenhoe5-3
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